State voter registrations show Democrats still majority party

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Oklahoma’s official pre-election voter registration statistics released Nov. 1 showed more than two million Oklahomans were registered to vote in advance of Tuesday’s General Election, State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said.

The latest statistics show that Democrats narrowly retained their status as Oklahoma’s largest political party in Oklahoma but also show that Republicans have nearly closed the gap and now trail Democrats by only 2,897 voters – the closest the two parties have ever been heading into a General Election.

Registered Independents continue to grow, and now make up 12.7 percent of Oklahoma’s registered voters.

Oklahoma voters registered as of Jan. 15, 2014 included 885,609 Democrats (44.8%) and 854,329 Republicans (43.2%). The Nov. 1 numbers show 884,150 registered Democrats (43.7%) compared to 881,253 Republicans (43.6%).

Independents numbered 238,870 (or 12.1%) in January and 257,045 in November. The total count for Oklahoma registered voters went from 1,978,812 to 2,022,456.

The State Election Board began recording statewide voter registration statistics by party in 1960. The totals that first year showed 82 percent Democrats, 17.6 percent Republicans and 0.4 Independents. In 1980, the numbers changed to show Democrats at 75.8 percent, Republicans with 22.8 percent and Independents with 1.4 percent. By 2000, the state’s political shift revealed 56.7 percent as registered Democrats, 35 percent registered as Republicans and 8.3 percent with an Independent affiliation.

Registration for minor recognized parties or political organization have been less than 0.0001%. (State voters who registered with the Americans Elect party increased from 4 to 8 during the recent 10-month span.)

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