Chamber coin toss may be world record

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Chamber coin toss may be world record

The Guinness World Records, London, United Kingdom has confirmed that the Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce Gala Coin Toss Game of “Most Consecutive Coin Tosses Landing on Heads” record application has been accepted.

The Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce needs your help in the verification process. Specifically, they are seeking videos of the 2014 ‘Heads or Tails’ coin toss game.

A Gala favorite, this year’s game drew participation from all 280 guests in attendance. The game involves contestants standing while a coin is tossed in the air. Before it lands, participants use their hands to designate a heads or tails selection. Those with the wrong guess are eliminated. The winners qualify for the next round.

Anticipation mounted when the first six coins landed on heads. In disbelief, Chamber Director Mike McCartney asked folks from the audience to provide other coins for the game. The result was the same — seventeen consecutive tosses resulted in the coin landing on heads.

“We kept flipping the coins on the stage floor,” Heads & Tails Event Chair, Ron Reed said. “They kept landing on heads. Five individuals flipped four different coins.”

Jana Sellers, Elizabeth Hembree and Debbie Reed were on stage to verify the outcome of each coin toss.

Craig Demuth, who donated a fresh coin, said, “Mr. Reed and Mr. McCartney requested coins from the audience to be tossed. I gave them a nickel that was flipped several times and always landed on heads.”

“The probability of this happening is 1 in 131,000 attempts or .00076 percent,” said Reed. “

The Gala’s record more than doubles the previous record by Billy Morgan of the UK. On July 9, 2003, Morgan flipped eight heads in a row using a UK 10 pence piece. The attempt was part of the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World Roadshow, London, UK.

“We believe a world record was set during the Chamber’s 2014 Gala. The feat was photographed and received media coverage by the Journal-Capital,”said Reed.

To support the Chamber’s submission, affidavits and witness verifications have been provided by employees of the Osage County Sheriff Department, City of Pawhuska, Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce, Osage Nation Auditors, Osage County District Judge, Oklahoma State Senate, Oklahoma State House of Representatives and multitudes of other local business professionals.

The Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce Gala was held March 28, 2014 at the Pawhuska Elks Lodge. The Pawhuska Chamber is urgently requesting any video of the coin toss. If you or someone you know might have any video of the event, contact the Pawhuska Chamber immediately at 918-287-1208 or