Grandview realignment in tune with campus plan

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Grandview realignment in tune with campus plan

Traffic will soon cease to flow along an existing stretch of Grandview Avenue as part of a road re-design prompted by Campus Master Plan improvements for the Osage Nation Tribal Headquarters.

Pawhuska city officials recently approved the tribe’s proposal for closing approximately 300 feet of Grandview southwest of its current intersection — near 11th Street — with Kihekah Avenue. An ordinance passed by city council members Monday, Sept. 8, clears way for the Grandview realignment.

Earlier this year, the City of

Pawhuska had turned down the Osage Nation plan for the Grandview realignment on the grounds that a municipality can not abandon a thoroughfare that is still being used. Clarification on several issues relating to the proposal allowed for it to be re-considered.

Construction is well underway on the initial campus-improvements’ project — the Osage Nation Welcome Center. Ground was broken for the state-of-the-art, multi-use facility eight months ago and completion is expected sometime next spring. Total cost for the Osage Master Plan’s Phase One was estimated at $23 million.

The ON Welcome Center lies adjacent to the portion of Grandview Avenue that has been targeted for closure. Under the realignment plan, Grandview will alter its current course at around the 900 block and then be re-directed through the Osage Nation property before connecting with the existing roadway at the intersection of 12th street.