Owners of Triangle Building notified about safety concerns

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Owners of Triangle Building notified about safety concerns

Local officials are awaiting a response from owners of the downtown Triangle Building, who recently were notified in writing of potential hazards the historic structure poses for downtown Pawhuska.

Originally constructed in 1913, the five-story structure serves as a symbol of the city’s Golden Age and of its subsequent design. Since a citizen-based group rescued it from demolition more than a decade ago, the wedge-shaped edifice has continued to deteriorate. Efforts to raise funds for needed restorations have proved unsuccessful.

Public Works Director Mark Chamberlain said the city may be forced to take drastic action if the owners make no efforts to address the safety issues.

Dated Aug. 5, the letter was written by acting City Attorney W. Robert Wilson at the request of Pawhuska City Council members. It notifies the Triangle Building’s owners about the concerns over the dilapidated condition of the edifice.

The city’s letter to Detroit Lofts LLC of Tulsa states:

“I am writing you concerning the above captioned property which is known by all of us as the “Triangle Building”. I am confident you do not need to be advised concerning the deplorable condition of the building. It frankly is (by visual examination alone) a health and safety hazard, and violates numerous ordinances of the City of Pawhuska.

I am personally aware that you have had some employees at the site within the last several weeks attempting to, I assume, strengthen the barrier fence, (which has been constructed on city sidewalks without permission which in and of itself constitutes an ordinance violation). What other work they may have been doing is not knowledgeable to anyone else on the City Council.

The Council’s sole and motivating desire is that this building be restored to a safe condition that does not expose anyone to potential safety hazards or health hazards.

The Council is more than willing to work with you, but if a satisfactory plan of action is not in place by September 15, 2014, then I advise you that citations will begin to be written to you for ordinance violation and/or other legal action taken. Each day the condition continues will be considered a new violation.

Again, I assure you the Council does not wish to take any legal action, and sincerely wishes the building be restored, but at the very least, action must be taken to remedy any potential health or safety hazards.”