Newspaper drops single copy price to 50 cents

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

The Pawhuska Journal-Capital is rolling back the clock and rolling back its cover price to before the turn of the century.

Effective immediately, the single copy price of the Journal-Capital is just 50 cents.

“The Journal-Capital has charged one dollar per copy for many years now, and it has not been priced at 50 cents since the 1990s,” says Publisher Chris Rush. “We want to put the J-C in as many readers’ hands as possible and we don’t want a lack of quarters jingling in their pockets to be an obstacle to reading their local newspaper on a weekly basis.”

In making the announcement, Rush said the experimental price rollback will remain in effect through the month of August. If the new lower price proves successful in selling more newspapers, it could be extended indefinitely.