Academic achievements cited during PHS Awards Assembly

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Pawhuska High School students received recognition for their accomplishments during the 2013-14 academic year at the annual PHS Awards Assembly, which was held Tuesday, May 13, in Oren Terrill Field House.

Co-Valedictorians for Pawhuska High’s Class of 2014 are Carlie Culver and Kylar Moody. Sage Allen is this year’s Salutatorian.

Commencement exercises will be held this Friday at Ormand Beach Memorial Stadium.

PHS Scholars Program

This year’s graduates who maintained at least a 3.0 grade-point average while completing four separate courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies were Sage Allen, Carlie Culver, Charlsey Frost, Hanna Henley, Haley Malaske, Tristen Moberly, Kylar Moody, Taylor Priest and Kaytlyn Swan.

Board of Education Academic Award Letters

Presented each academic year for outstanding scholarship, the awards go to students who maintain a 4.0 GPA during their freshman and sophomore years, and at least a 3.8 GPA as juniors and seniors. Honorees were announced by Justin Sellers, president of the Pawhuska Board of Education.

Four-year recipients (who earned gold bars) were: Sage Allen, Carlie Culver, Tristen Moberly and Kylar Moody.

Second-year honorees (who are to receive a “P” Award with Lamp of Learning) included: Logan BigEagle, Stephanie Clifton, Whitney Cotton, Tyler Culver, Gage Dagenais, Zalin Edwards, Charlsey Frost, Hanna Henley, Genie Herren, Karissa Hughes, Trent Hughes, Dakota Jester, Bradley Moreland, Taylor Priest, Morgan Waddle, Tyler Reece, Andie Sweeden, Bailey Thompson and Ashley Youngwolfe.

Awarded certificates of recognition as first-year letter recipients were: Loyrn BigEagle, Heather Connor, Warren Graves, Shelby Haught, Sarah Phillippi, Madelyn Priest, Brittney Summers, Kaytlyn Swan and Brittney Wilson.

Outstanding Academic Performance Awards

Presented to 10th graders who scored in the top five percent of students taking PLAN tests for English (E), Math (M), Reading (R) and Science (S).

Six PHS sophomores who earned honors in all four (E,M,R,S) academic areas were: Gage Dagenais, Hayden Henley, Karissa Hughes, Trent Hughes, Bradley Moreland and Bailey Thompson.

Three-subject honorees included Loryn BigEagle (E,R,S), Lance Harden (E,R,S), Tucker Helmer (E,M,R), Genie Herren (E,R,S), Hannah Horn (E,M,S), Victoria Jech (E,R,S) and Sarah Phillippi (E,R,S).

Receiving awards in two subjects were Stephanie Clifton (E,R), Chanler Collins (E,S), Shelby Haught (E,R), Keylee Kirk (E,R),Corbin Lockman (M,R), Haley Mouser (E,R), Breanna Redeagle (E,S), Brittney Summers (E,R), Cody Townley (E,R), Taylor Walker (E,M), Madalyn White (E,R) and James Young (E,M).

Single-subject recipients included Erica Barker (E), Justin Clanton (E), Elias Clark (R), Lynn Conner (E), Miriam Fink (E), Kailee Hambright (E), Nick Kekahbah (E), Danae Laird (E), Jacob Lessert (E) and Genny Maker Long (E). Also, Matthew McBride (E), Michael McCosar (E), Joannie Neal (E), Billye Parrish (E), Logan Ratzlaff (E), Baylee Sutherland (E), Clayton Swan (E), Matthew Taft (E) and Emily Wahpekeche (S).

Oklahoma State Honor Society

Designated as OSHS members for being in the top 10 percent of their class academically during both the fall and spring semesters were:

Seniors — Sage Allen, Darion Anthony, Logan BigEagle, Carlie Culver, Tyler Culver, Zalin Edwards, Charlsey Frost, Hanna Henley, Tristen Moberly, Kylar Moody, Taylor Priest, Kaytleyn Swan, Morgan Waddle.

Juniors — Kortney Barnhart, Makayla Deatherage, Dakota Jester, Tyler Reece, Andie Sweeden, Ashley Youngwolfe.

Sophomores — Loryn BigEagle, Stephanie Clifton, Gage Dagenais, Genie Herren, Karissa Hughes, Trent Hughes, Bradley Moreland, Sarah Phillippi, Breanna Redeagle, Brittney Summers, Bailey Thompson.

Freshmen — Caleb Bruce, Heather Conner, Madelyn Priest, Riley Sell, Jenna Shulanberger, Tristen Tucker.

National Honor Society

Earning NHS membership by maintaining at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA as sophomores, juniors and seniors were:

Seniors — Sage Allen, Taylor Arnett, Logan BigEagle, Whitney Cotton, Carlie Culver, Tyler Culver, Zalin Edwards, Charlsey Frost, Hanna Henley, Haley Malaske, Connor McNeil, Tristen Moberly, Kylar Moody, Kendall Oller, Taylor Priest, Kaytleyn Swan, Morgan Waddle.

Juniors — Kortney Barnhart, Makayla Deatherage, Hayden Javellas, Dakota Jester, Kellie Pate, Tyler Reece, Andie Sweeden, Tanaya Thomas, Bailey Thompson, Brittany Wilson, Ashley Youngwolfe.

Sophomores — Loryn BigEagle, Stephie Clifton, Gage Dagenais, Lance Harden, Shelby Haught, Tucker Helmer, Genie Herren, Hannah Horn, Karissa Hughes, Trent Hughes, Keylee Kirk, Bradley Moreland, Sarah Phillippi, Breanna Redeagle, Brittney Summers, Bailey Thompson.

Other PHS honors

Student Council Awards: Presented to officers Morgan Waddle, president; Ashley Youngwolfe, vice president; Karissa Hughes, secretary; Genie Herren, treasurer, and Stephanie Clifton, historian/reporter. Sarah Phillippi was named as most-dedicated member. Organization sponsor Sarah Kendrick was the presenter.

English Awards: Honored for highest GPAs were Tyler Culver in English IV, Sorsha Brazee for English III, Darion Anthony in English IV AP and Andie Sweeden for English III AP. English I Award winner was Caleb Bruce and the English III Award went to Ashley Youngwolfe. Instructors Meghan Davis and Olivia Chronister made the presentations.

Mathematics Awards: Earning honors for maintaining an A grades during the year in Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus were Sage Allen, Carlie Culver and Kylar Moody. In Algebra II, Lance Harden was recognized for receiving all-A grades. Accelerated Algebra II A-grade honorees included Stephanie Clifton, Karissa Hughes, Trent Hughes and Ashley Youngwolfe. Presentations were made by instructor Ray Ratzlaff.

Science Awards: Recipients included Lance Harden for highest grade in Biology and Kody Linde for most improved in Biology. Honored for highest grade in Zoology was Kaytlyn Swan and Autumn Williams was most improved in Zoology. The award for highest grade in Anatomy/Physiology went to Karissa Hughes and the most improved in Anatomy/Physiology was Victoria Jech. Making the presentations was instructor Sarah Kendrick.

Social Studies Awards: The U.S. History Award was awarded to Trent Turley and the AP U.S. History Award went to Makayla Deatherage. Instructor Mark Frye made the presentations.

Vocal Music Awards: Casie Walker was recognized for earning an excellent rating in statewide solo and ensemble competition. The presentation was made by instructor Mason Combes.

Organization awards

Mu Alpha Theta Awards: Honored students have a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average that includes a 3.0 GPA in math subjects. They also completed five semesters in the college-bound math program and were currently enrolled in accelerated math classes. Second-year Mu Alpha Theta members who received certificates and pins included: Sage Allen, Carlie Culver, Zalin Edwards, Charlsey Frost, Hanna Henley, Kylar Moody, Taylor Priest, Tyler Reece, Kaytlyn Swan and Andie Sweeden. New members receiving certificates and membership cards were Brittney Wilson and Ashley Youngwolfe.

Lions Club Achievement Awards: In recognition excellence in mathematics through maintenance of the highest overall average in current math courses. Recipients were: Carlie Culver in Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus; Karissa Hughes in Geometry; Karissa Hughes in Algebra II, and Heather Conner in Algebra I. (Awards were presented by Floyd Raley.)

Masonic Student of Today Awards: Male recipient was Tristen Moberly and the female recipient, Carlie Culver. (Instructor — Olivia Chronister.)

Honorary Mayor/Vice Mayor: Kylar Moody and Carlie Culver, honorees.

Kiwanis Sophomore of the Year Award: Karissa Hughes. (Presented by Lori Loftis.)

Osage Nation Public School Support Honors: Received by Logan BigEagle, Blake Cunningham, Dava Daylight, Darian Lookout, Alexis Martin, Kailsey Morris, Allison Reyes, Anna Schroeder, Morgan Waddle, Jordyn Wahpakeche, Rachel White, Autumn Williams, Marcus Young. (Presented by Laura Glentzer.)

Osage Language Awards: Caleb Bruce and James Young, recipients.

Outstanding Youth Leader Awards: For preparing a “Too Good for Drugs” prevention curriculum for presentation to elementary and junior high students and serving as youth mentors on maintaining drug- and alcohol-free lifestyles. Awards went to Bryce Wilson, Dava Daylight, Kaytlyn Swan and Ashley Youngwolfe. (Presented by Daisy Spicer of the Osage Nation Prevention Program.)

Scholarship presentations

American Heritage Bank: Carlie Culver.

Carl and Virginia Short Memorial: Tristen Moberly.

Charles F. Stuart Memorial: Morgan Waddle.

Class of ‘74: Hanna Henley.

Conoco-Phillips Employees’ Children: Kaytlyn Swan.

Edith Layton Memorial: Charlsey Frost.

Emma G. Covington Memorial: Haley Malaske.

E.S.A.: Tyler Culver, Chandler Helmer, Connor McNeil, Tanner Pace, Taylor Priest.

Heidi Fulks Memorial: Kylar Moody.

Helmer Oil Pat Hughes Memorial: Haley Malaske, Morgan Waddle.

Kevin Manering Memorial: Kylar Moody, Kaytlyn Swan.

Lions Club George Webb Memorial: Hanna Henley, Kylar Moody.

Northern Oklahoma College-Enid: Tyler Culver.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University: Kaytlyn Swan, Sage Allen.

Oklahoma Rural Rehabilitation Center: Justin Barnes.

Pawhuska Elks Memorial: Sage Allen, Chandler Helmer.

Pawhuska ‘63: Tristen Moberly.

PEO: Kaytlyn Swan.

Randolph Grinstead Memorial: Kylar Moody.

Regina Kent Memorial: Frankie Cook, Whitney Cotton.

Senior Golf: Sage Allen, Logan BigEagle, Chandler Helmer, Tanner Pace.

Tulsa Community College Tuition Waiver: Justin Barnes.

Will Chambers Memorial: Justin Barnes.

Scholarship presentations were made by Dustin Goodno (NOSU), Ashley Middleswarth (OSU), Christie Johnson, Lori Loftus, Brady Jones, Jessica Jantzen, Hank Hainzinger, Debbie Reed, Linda Boone, Jeff Phillippi, Charlie Wadsworth, Theresa Kelly, Paula Rabb, Joe Sindelar, Libby Strahan, Cindy Helmer and Mark Helmer.

Pawhuska High School Principal Joe Sindelar presided over the awards assembly. Leader for the flag salute was PHS Student Council President Morgan Waddle and the Student Creed was presented by Ashley Youngwolfe, the student council vice-president. Closing remarks were made by the president of the senior class, Carlie Culver.