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Superintendent Dixie Hurd

Next week marks our last few days of April and into the last month of school. Our seniors will be going on their senior trip today. They are going to Branson. The 8th grade trip is Friday, May 2. They are going to Frontier City. Ms. Ervin is the sponsor for the trip and she has been a force to be reckoned with this year. We applaud Ms. Ervin for her undying dedication to our students. She is the senior sponsor and also the eighth grade sponsor. Two trips in one school year. Then she is taking a group of students on her own, along with Mrs. Shulanberger, to Washington D.C. this summer. We are very fortunate to have teachers who are so willing to make school interesting for our students! Thanks, teachers!

Next week is our big showcase! The little basketball games will be here on Tuesday, April 29, starting at 5 p.m. The Pre-K and Kindergarten will play at 5. Probably the girls and boys will combine to make a team. Then the first and second, third and fourth, boys and girls will play. This always proves to be an evening of entertainment and fun. Please join us if you can!

A representative from Spartan will be here on Monday, April 28, at 2:45 to talk to our seniors. The 4-8 grades will be going to Pretty Water on Wednesday, April 30, for a track and field day. The students will need a sack lunch. Remember there will be school on Friday, May 2, and there will be no school on Friday, May 9. Snow days are added in the calendar to be used if needed to make up time from snow days taken in the earlier parts of the winter. If we don’t have to use the days, we take them as vacation days. This keeps the last day of the school year from having to be changed. We have to make schedules for graduation and such and this makes it easier to stay consistent.

We are working to keep our school safe! We ask that all parents drop students off in the parking lot so that they can walk to the west elementary doors. The procedure is that students will stay in the gym or on the playground with the playground monitors and come in as a group when the bell rings. If students are late, they should still go through the west doors so they can be buzzed in. We do not use the south elementary or the west high school doors because there are no monitors for them. This is not meant to be an inconvenience for parents, but a safety practice for all students and teachers. Children should not be opening locked doors for anyone. All adults should check in at the office and will be buzzed in when appropriate. It is very sad that our world has come to this, but we have to do what is required to make the best efforts to keep all of our students safe! We would really appreciate all parents working with us on these procedures.


Wynonans are urged to look around their property and clean up the areas that need it. We are expecting lots of visitors in town for Founders Day, June 14. We always like to have our town looking as good as possible, but particularly on Founders Day. The Town Board has designated the last week in May as clean up time.

There are lots of fun things on the agenda for Founders Day, some things are still in the planning stages, but one thing we know, Bill Slone’s Country Express Band will once again be providing the good music for the street dance.

The Alumni Association has announced that there will be no Alumni Banquet this year, because there wasn’t anyone willing to put it on. So they suggest that all Wynona Alumnus plan to come to the Wynona Founders Day activities. There will be an area for everyone to sit and reminisce and have a good time. This way, we will all be spending the day and evening together, instead of just for a few hours in the evening. Please tell all of your friends and family that are Wynona Alumni about this change of plans, because there will not be any mailings this year. We want all the former Wynona students and staff to be aware of this change and to make their plans to come and join us for all the fun and activities.