Submitted by Superintendent

Dixie Hurd

The Little basketball games were held Tuesday at Prue, and will be held April 29, at Wynona. They start at 5 p.m. with the Pre-K and Kindergarten girls and work up by grade level with the girls playing first.

Our Junior High Slow Pitch team had a game at Pretty Water on Tuesday.

The seniors will take their senior trip to Branson on April 25.

This time of the school year seems to slip away. Please stay focused and make academics important until the last day of school. The state testing will continue next week. We are off to a great start and we really appreciate those wonderful people who have volunteered their time to monitor these tests. Let’s make the final days of this school year very productive.

Graduation is May 16.


The Wynona Police Department was the recipient of a $1,000 grant from Enbridge Energy Company for the Enbridge Safe Community Program. The organization donated $1,000 to our Fire Department just a few months ago. They are really helpful to small towns! The money for the Wynona Police Department is to purchase communication equipment and first aid kits for the patrol cars. Wynonans certainly wish to express their appreciation to Enbridge Energy Company. The check was delivered by an employee of Enbridge, Bobby Brown. Thanks so much, Enbridge Energy Company!


Wynona Volunteer Fire Department was treated to a care package of candy and snacks for each firefighter and a handmade sign, painted for them by Jacob Looney, a 10-year-old in Wynona who has been losing his eyesight. Jacob was surprised the next day by the firemen coming by to pick him up and let him go out on a fire with them. Jacob was allowed to run the lights and siren and he was a happy fireman. Thanks to Jacob from the firemen for his wonderful surprise to them and thanks to the firemen for showing Jacob a good time on the firetruck. Jacob wanted to let the firefighters know how much he appreciated their keeping him safe during all the fires we have had lately.


The Wynona Board of Trustees met on April 15 for the regular monthly meeting. The board voted to seat Loretta Little in Joey Stone’s position. Little was sworn in at that time. They also approved a resolution proclaiming April as Fair Housing Month.

Under the agenda item, public appearances, much discussion followed about the dogs being at large in town. The board advised that they would like the dog catcher to issue citations when they are called out on a dog at large.

Dave Anderson from Evergreen Rural Water District asked the Board if the town would be interested in purchasing water from the water district in the future, because they were laying a new waterline and it would make the difference between 4-inch and 6-inch line if the town was interested. The Board assured him that we have adequate and good water.

The Board opened bids from four different contractors for the CDBG waterline project. The mayor was authorized to sign all necessary paperwork for the grant.

Founders Day was discussed and the board voted to have the last week in May as Clean Up Week.

Attending the meeting were Chance and Whitney Crawford, Donna Swanner, Loretta Little, Harley Towell, Sam Cotter from Cardinal Engineering, Dave Anderson from the Evergreen Rural Water District, Della Carter, Nancy Deatherage, Johnnie Lott, Janet Delaney and Tennie Slone.