Barnsdall water problem remedied after shutdown


Plans for emergency water deliveries to the Barnsdall area were called off at approximately 7 p.m. Monday following temporary shutdowns to portions of the town’s water delivery system.

A large-volume leak was suspected of being responsible for massive water losses that were detected in the local system. Estimates indicated approximately 250 gallons of water per minute was disappearing from the Barnsdall system when service was interrupted at around 1:30 p.m.

Some municipal customers and others in Rural Water Districts 5, 9 and 15 were affected by the shutdowns, officials said.

“We were working on transporting water by tanker trucks from Pawhuska when we got a call around 7 o’clock saying that everything was all right,” said Osage County Emergency Management Director Mike Pattison.

Efforts to pinpoint the location of the leak through meter readings and other means continued for several hours, according to officials. The lost water supply resulted in an inability to maintain sufficient capacity in the municipal storage tower, causing reduced water pressures throughout the system, reports said.