Rape suspect misses court appearance

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

A 28-year-old Pawhuska man who missed a recent district court appearance in an Osage County rape case is due back in court Thursday afternoon.

Christopher Beatty Harris was absent at a scheduled Dec. 17 district court arraignment on multiple charges of first-degree rape, domestic assault and battery, burglary and kidnapping.

Harris again failed to appear three days later, prompting Special Judge Stuart Tate to issue a bench warrant for his arrest. The judge also revoked a $110,000 bond that had allowed Harris to continue working while he is awaiting trial.

The bench warrant was served within days of its being issued.

Since Dec. 26, the defendant has been in custody at the Osage County Jail, where he currently is being held on a $220,000 bond.

On Thursday, Harris informed the court that he is attempting to hire new legal counsel.

Harris’ district court arraignment is slated before District Judge John Kane.