Citizens for Pride tackle city’s entrance


To Citizens for Pride in Pawhuska Co-Chair Jenny Hague, being a neighbor means more than the exchange of an occasional “Good Morning” or other small courtesies. Just ask Hub Crelia.

“I was sitting on my front porch having a cup of coffee when this lady came up with a plastic bag in her hand,” said Crelia. “When she asked if I would visit with her for a moment, I thought she was on a food drive. Instead, she wanted to know if I would be willing to pick up trash. I responded that I did every time I mowed the lawn. This lady then said, ‘I’m talking about the rest of the block – both sides.’ So, I picked up a few more trash bags and began tackling the litter. I was half-way down the other side of the block when another neighbor stuck her head out the door and said, ‘I see you’ve met Jenny.’”

A Pawhuska resident for the past two years, Crelia said this was the first time he had ever been involved in any civic activity like the Citizens for Pride cleanup efforts. While visiting with Hague recently, Crelia voiced his concern about the ingress and egress curbs between Highway 99 and Lynn Avenue.

“I mentioned to Jenny that the City does a great job of keeping the right-of-ways mowed. We should be thankful for the rain but grass has overtaken the curbs. When I asked her what she thought about my pulling together some volunteers to tackle this problem, Jenny told me I was on the agenda for the next City Council meeting.”

Crelia said volunteers planned to meet at the Flag Pole Saturday at 8:30 a.m. with weed eaters, rakes and shovels. Work will target the south side heading east from Lynn to Highway 99. The City was in full agreement regarding safety issues for the volunteers, such as temporary lane closures with cones and identifying the workers with bright orange or yellow vests.

An estimated 18 volunteers showed up for this special clean-up effort, including Mayor Roger Taylor. In addition to working, Taylor’s wife, Leona, was responsible for pulling together much-needed equipment and vests.

Weather cooperating, volunteers will reassemble this coming Saturday to tackle the north side. Meet at the flag at pole at 8:30 a.m.