What tribal officials are saying about pipeline project


The Journal-Capital interviewed Osage Nation HR Executive Director Delary Walters, Education Director Ida Boyle, and HR Compensation Analyst Jana Scimeca about their roles in this history-making endeavor.

Delary Walters

“About a year ago Principal Chief Red Eagle and Pipeline Consultant Rod Hartness visited with Enbridge and the four unions about providing job opportunity and the skill sets needed for Osages during the final stages of the Flanagan pipeline project. These discussions resulted in PBDC hosting a day-long brainstorming meeting in mid-April where the Chief, Assistant Chief Scott Bighorse, and myself could determine the training needed for this massive history-making project.”

Walters addressed her comments to the three students: “We are getting you prepared. You are the first of many to come. You are representing your tribe, your Chief, and your state. What an awesome experience. Not only will this opportunity change your lives, it will alter the future of your unborn children. You are setting a standard for achieving your dreams. When you are the elders, this will be the new standard.”

Ida Doyle

“We are currently in the midst of our first three-week phase. Two sessions concentrate on Welding and CFL. Additional training will focus on CDL, Defensive driving, and ten hours of OSHA approved safety training. This training will insure we have skilled employees who qualify for career-building jobs with good benefits. Students can attend can attend one or all four training sessions. Ultimately, each trainee will have to determine which module best fits their career path.

“I personally know Hanna, Chadwick and Matthew. All three are exceptional individuals. We are blessed to have them as part of our training. I believe they will represent the Osage Nation as outstanding employees. One of Chief Red Eagle’s goals is to educate Osage people and give them training opportunities to increase their quality of life.”

Jana Scimeca

“Everyone involved agrees Chief Red Eagle is touching people’s lives, their family’s lives and the lives and future of their children by getting these young men and women trained. This is a huge undertaking and the first ever undertaken by an Indian tribe. We are truly making history.”

Anyone interested in learning more about this program and the next round of training may contact Louise Cheshewalla at the Osage Nation Education Department, Jana Scimeca or Delary Walters in the Osage Nation Human Resources at 918-287-5555.