Local group targets abandoned homes for clean-up efforts

Local group targets abandoned homes for clean-up efforts

Patrons of Pawhuska (POP) is another progressive group of concerned citizens striving to clean up abandoned homes throughout the city. This group of anonymous businessmen has been meeting since February.

Working with the city and property owners; they have donated time and money to rid Pawhuska of abandoned and neglected properties. Armed with corporate sponsorship, Patrons of Pawhuska is coordinating the logistics and massive clean-up efforts.

Last Thursday, POP began phase one when they brought in a bulldozer to remove the first of up to ten abandoned properties. Two were located at 18th and Claremore. In addition to demolishing the homes, overgrown trees were either removed or cut back from power lines.

According to Terry Loftis, who was overseeing the demolition Thursday, “Several of these aged trees would make great firewood if someone was willing to assume the liability of hauling them off.”

Loftis was referring to possible nails or other debris that might still be on the property before the land can be leveled and seeded.

As of today, more than 90 Pawhuska homes qualify for demolition. Demolition and removal of debris for a one-level home costs between $5,000-$6,500. Demolition of a two-story home could run as high as $20K. Both require dirt for leveling and grass seed. Sod would add an additional expense.

Because this is an expensive process, tax deductible donations are being accepted. Contributions are being coordinated through Preserve Pawhuska’s 501(c)3 account. Checks should be made out to Preserve Pawhuska (301 West Main) with Patrons of Pawhuska in the memo. A receipt will be mailed back to each donor.