Officials investigating vandalism of Whiting building

Kathy SwanJ-C Correspondent
Officials investigating vandalism of Whiting building

During Monday’s Osage County Commissioner’s meeting, District Attorney Rex Duncan reported vandals broke into the second floor of the historic Whiting Building sometime during the weekend. It appears the intruders accessed the building by the back fire escape and shattered the glass door leading to the OSU Extension offices.

Duncan said an investigation is under way and that it doesn’t appear entry was gained into his third floor offices.

“We don’t keep money or evidence in our offices and all of our files are in an electronic data base,” he said.

The district attorney asked his staff to check to see if any personal effects were missing. He noted their computers and related equipment appeared to be okay.

“Breaking into any building is a felony,” said Duncan. “It could have been a youthful dare, but it is a serious issue, particularly when the break-in occurred right under the nose of the D.A.”

OSU Extension Educator Will Cubbage also said it doesn’t appear anything was taken from their offices.

“Apparently the intruders weren’t interested in all the educational material we have on display — free for the taking,” said Cubbage.

He also stated their officers were broken into about five years ago. At that time the trespassers left their McDonald’s trash. Again, nothing was taken.

Jeanne Strom of the OSU Extension added Attorney Steve Ventura’s office and a garage adjacent to the Whiting Building had also been vandalized.