Rotary Club updated on local clean-up efforts


Jenna Hague, GFWC Heeko Co-Chair of Pawhuska’s Citizens for Pride in Pawhuska updated the Rotary Club Tuesday on the accomplishments that have been made since the CPP initiated its clean-up efforts on March 2.

Hague explained how a number of civic and church groups are committing to cleaning up areas in and around Pawhuska and invited the Rotarians to pick a spot for their club.

Following Hague’s program, she visited with Pawhuska School Superintendent Dr Landon Berry.

“After driving Dr. Berry around the school complex,” said Hague, “He indicated his support of the CPP project and said he would visit with each of the school principals to help keep our campuses clean.”

Next, Hague visited with ODOT Superintendent Brian Rumsey.

“Rumsey was very supportive of our efforts,” said Hague. “He volunteered to inquire what the State can do to assist with the project, such as furnish trash bags. Rumsey also offered to check into signage that would reflect designated clean-up areas and which group adopted it.”

In visiting with City Manager Paul McAlexander, Hague was delighted to discover the city had just placed a sign at the base of the Grandview Hill which reads, “Don’t Litter, $250 fine.” Hague asked McAlexander if these signs could be posted throughout the city to remind residents that littering is against the law and the stiff penalties they face if caught pitching their rubbish.

Volunteers gathered last Saturday at the flag pole to pick up trash and litter. The next work day will be Saturday, April 20 when CPP joins in County-wide clean-up efforts. Thereafter, CPP will meet the 1st Saturday of each month at the flag pole.

Anyone needing to check out one of the CPP’s orange trailers is asked to contact Jenna or August Hague at 918-287-3862. Donations to help expand the fleet and/or help defray clean-up supplies should be made out to GFWC Heeko.