Osage Tribal Museum announces speakers for May 4 symposium


The Osage Tribal Museum has assembled an impressive lineup of speakers for the May 4 Symposium. The event will kick off at 10 a.m. at Pawhuska’s historic Constantine Theater and is in conjunction with the Tribal Museum’s 75th anniversary celebration.

Scheduled speakers are:

— Dr. Andrea A. Hunter is an Osage who specializes in American Indian cultural management, repatriation and botanical studies. She has been instrumental in receiving grant funding and focusing much of her research about the Osage in Missouri.

— Anthropologist Dr. Matthew Barker Ferris’s educational background has brought him through many archaeological excavations. He is extremely proficient in GIS/GPS, remote sensing, and digital imaging and topography surveys and uses his expertise to model prehistoric networks.

— Anthropologist James William Munkres’ research and publications have covered forensic anthropology within anthropology, archaeology research at historical sites, and the environmental effects of decomposition and desiccation which is the fossilization of materials.

— Anthropologist Dr. Alice Beck-Kehoe will speak about the Osage people and their relationship with the Cahokia Mounds. De Kehoe’s publications have included topics on North American Indians pertaining to America before the Europeans, archaeology controversies and alternate viewpoints. Her articles also discuss the study of historical records and methods in order to establish the culture and customs of indigenous people.

— Anthropologists Drs. Carol Diaz-Granados and James Duncan will present interesting facts about the Osage cave art of Missouri, how it helps understand the people who created these art forms and what these pictographs mean.

— Author Dr. William Least Heat-Moon will speak about Osage people and their travels to other parts of the world. His literary works include Blue Highways, The Red Couch, A Glass of Handmade, PraryErth, River Horse, Columbus in the Americas, Roads to Quoz and Here, There and Elsewhere.