Health Center offers 3-D mammograms

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Osage Nation’s health clinic can now offer 3-D Hologic mammography to all eligible Native Americans women residing within the Osage Nation Reservation, Kay, Grant, Noble, Payne and Garfield counties. Courtesy

PAWHUSKA — The Osage Nation Wah Zha Zhe Health Center now offers state-of-the-art, 3-D Hologic mammography screening for breast cancer to all appropriately aged female patients of the Wah Zha Zhe Health Center.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in Native American women. The center is one of the only tribal/Indian Health Service facilities in the state to offer this type of screening. The 3-D mammography unit provides more accurate and efficient exams with much clearer images for interpretation by the radiology specialist.

“Early detection in breast cancer helps increase the chance of survival and provides our patients with more accurate findings,” said Dr. Ronald Shaw, CEO of the Osage Health Center. “Our facility continues to increase our services to our patients and we encourage all appropriately aged women to take advantage of this screening and make an appointment. In general, most women should begin screening at age 50 and those at increased risk of breast cancer may begin screening at an earlier age.”

The Wah Zha Zhe Health Center is located in Pawhuska on the Osage Nation campus and provides services to all eligible Native Americans residing within the Osage Nation Reservation, Kay, Grant, Noble, Payne and Garfield counties.

The Center provides services that include a proactive and forward-thinking administration as well as a medical clinic, nursing clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, mammography, optometry clinic, dental clinic, purchased referred care, behavioral health clinic and diabetes clinic.

The 9,371-square-foot facility employs approximately 70 full-time staff, has a current total of 19,971 patient charts, offers a drive-through pharmacy, pharmacy direct mail program and extended hours, and is projected to have 50,000 patient visits this year.

For consultation or to make an appointment, call 918-287-9300. For more information about the Health Center, visit