Tennie SloneJ-C Correspondent


Reports on Founders Day 2016 and the Wynona Alumni Banquet will be in next week’s Wynona News.

Wynona Board of Trustees would like to say a big “thank you” to all who made sure our town looked good for last weekend’s events. Everyone should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.


Wynona is specially grateful to a few guys who are always there to help. With only one utility department employee, it’s really hard to keep up with all the mowing. Ralph McGill, Jason Stansberry and Ronald Myers have been really good to help Larry Dilley so we were mowed and ready for Founder’s Day. We’re thankful for these guys and really appreciate all they do to help the town.


PSO will be coming this week to install three new (to us) tornado sirens and re-install the old one.

The original siren was attacked by crazy squirrels that messed up all the wiring for the motor — to the tune of about $1,750. We got it back from the shop and it’s ready to go back up.

When all the sirens are in place, there should be sufficient coverage so the sirens can be heard all over town. Thanks, again, to the City of Pawhuska for donating the three sirens to our town. Also, thanks to PSO for installing them for us. We painted all the sirens bright yellow, so they can be seen as well as heard.


The Town Hall sign got a facelift, thanks to Sign Tech. Since the old one was looking pretty faded, we had it redone in honor of Founders Day. It looks a lot better and we’re still the “Best Little Town in the USA.”