Family Farms Produce scheduled to open Sunday

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Family Farms Produce scheduled to open Sunday

Four years ago, Tom Trumbly had a goal of producing a garden large enough where he could share his bounty with friends and neighbors with an ultimate goal of operating a small produce store. His goal was to create an environmentally friendly garden with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. “I wanted something more suited to a natural environment,” explained Trumbly. (Smiling) “My love for gardening came from my late maternal grandfather, Holly Johnson.”

The Family Farms Produce is a co-owned by Trumbly, who serves as manager, along with George Miller and Pauline Allred. “Our farm-to-table concept goes along with our belief of a healthy body and avoiding the chemical imbalances we all see today. We welcome all local producers or farmers to share their produce and ag products in our store. Our intention is to offer a variety of fresh veggies and eggs. Vendors interested in setting up on the farm’s grounds during open hours are invited to contact me. We also welcome overflow products from Bird Creek Farms and vouchers from the Osage Nation’s nutrition program.”

Trumbly noted his garden is geared to produce potatoes, onions, carrots, mustard greens, radishes, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. “While not totally organic, we are doing the best we can to provide naturally-produced items.

“Our little produce store is the result of a gift from my late neighbor, Floyd Harris, a WWII Navy veteran. When he passed, his wife Ellen said it was Floyd’s wish that I make good use of his 10’x12’ storage building. I believe Floyd would be pleased that his building is now being used to help his beloved community and that it is powered by solar energy.”

The tiny store will also feature a large map of Osage County, area tourism/amenities brochures, assorted country-related gift items, and a bountiful display of the group’s award-winning County Fair ribbons from the past two years.

“Family Farms Produce’s natural concept is enhanced by our recycling efforts,” continued Trumbly. “We saved $10,000 in our hog pins and chicken coups by recycling old wood, fence and wire. Our feed storage units are actually two nonworking vans. We currently have a pile of scrap metal that needs to be hauled off. Anyone willing to tackle this project will earn two-thirds of the proceeds.”

In describing the farm, Trumbly said they have pigs, chickens and dogs. “Our mule is better at keeping coyotes at bay than the dogs. Our cat is actually a cougar that makes her way through the farm every several months.”

Family Farms Produce is located at the top of Pawhuska’s Hog Hill, just northwest of intersection CR 4201 and CR 4079. The store will be open from 4-8 p.m. Wednesdays, 7-10 a.m. Saturdays and 1-4 p.m. Sundays. Phone numbers will be posted on the door for around-the-clock service. A sign in front of the store will also reflect store availability. In the meantime, anyone interested in knowing more, please call Tom Trumbly at 918-606-3582.

In closing, Trumbly said, “I would like to thank Kyle Yount for keeping our garden tillers in good running condition, Moore’s Hardware for helping deliver the gravel for the circle drive, Allen Brothers Feed Store and Evans Nursery for providing much insight and products as possible and Bartlesville Farmer’s Market who is helping us to get started on some of our produce.”