Tennie SloneJ-C Correspondent

If you have not yet received your child’s report card, please call the office.

Parents please remember students are not allowed at school until 8 a.m. We do not have an adult available until that time.

Please make sure your child is wearing a coat to school.

We are excited to announce we have a 3-5th grade basketball team.

The junior high and high school teams have been doing great this year!

The junior high will play Peckham on Thursday, Jan. 14, at 4:30.


Friday, Jan. 15, junior high and high school play Immanuel. This is also our homecoming.

Attendants are: Kaylee McCullough and Trevor Kanke, seniors; Randi Dryden and David King, juniors; Hailey Towell and James Kanke, sophomores; and Shaylea Howell and Drake Rikard, freshmen; along with flower girl Paige Dilbeck, and crown carrier Hayden Pearce. The first game begins at 4.

Homecoming ceremonies will be between the junior high and high school games.

Also, the cheerleaders and the mini cheerleaders will be presenting a dance.

There will be no school on Monday, Jan. 18.

Farm to School will be giving a presentation to our elementary students on Jan. 27. We are looking for 10 volunteers to help set up and on Jan. 26 and to help with transitions on Wednesday, Jan. 27. We appreciate all of the support we receive.


Wynona Police Chief Brian Lenington reminds everyone who owns dogs that there is a leash law in town and it is against town ordinances to let dogs run loose. There have been many reports that people are turning their dogs out at night and trash has been strewn all over town from dogs turning over polycarts and dragging out the trash. Citations will be issued for those who continue to let their dogs run at large. The citation amount for the first time is $150 with $25 added to each subsequent offense.


Wynonans offer their condolences to the family members and friends of Kyle Stapleton, who passed away recently. Kyle was the 19 year old son of W.E. (Tonto) Stapleton of Wynona.

Wynonans also offer their condolences to the many family members and friends of Norma Martin. Norma passed away recently and everyone will surely miss her. She was a wonderful, loving woman and everyone that knew her loved her!

We also offer condolences to the many family members and friends of Wayne R Cheney, 89 years old, who passed away Jan. 1. Wayne had been married to his wife, Liz, for the past 30 years and they had lived in Wynona for the past 15 years. He had 3 sons, Butch Cheney from Connecticut, Bruce Cheney from Ohio, Wyatt Cheney from Connecticut, and daughter Karen Cheney Neff from Vermont. Wayne had several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He will be buried in Memphis, Tenn., at Forest Hills Cemetery.