Caroling tradition hits 16th anniversary

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Caroling tradition hits 16th anniversary

Little did Ron and Debbie Reed and Greg and Elizabeth Hembree imagine a Pawhuska tradition was launched when they hosted their first Christmas Caroling party 16 years ago. This year more than 60 adults and children gathered on Tuesday, Dec. 22, to sing carols to five lucky households.

Scott Roughton hosted the after party at 125 Grill where Santa handed out special gifts to each caroler.

“Our after party wouldn’t be complete without Santa’s participation,” said Elizabeth Hembree. “We had a great evening sharing love and compassion for several of our Pawhuska Friends while enjoying incredible fellowship.”

The caroling event has become a holiday favorite for many Pawhuskans. Because of the increasing number of participants, church buses were used to transport many of the carolers.