Ridin’ your pony to water

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Ridin’ your pony to water

Me and Bill were pullin’ sick calves; the weather was gettin’ hot.

We thought we’d take them ponies to water before we hit a trot.

Ole partner started wading out further than he oughtta go.

Long about right in there is when he started the show.

Ole partner started layin’ down. Bill raked him. He got spurred.

That’s when ole partner quite this earth, just like a whirlybird.

He started yellin’ somethin’ about Mothers and Sons.

I’m not sure just what he called him, I think it was a Son of a Gun.

It was like a small explosion. Mud and water filled the air.

I’m almost nearly certain they parted company there.

Bill did half a gainer and hit the water flat.

I wasn’t sure just where he went in, and then up popped his hat.

Bill still hadn’t surfaced. I started wadin’ in. He came up wall eyed and a screamin’.

He thought he had met his end.

Bill told me later, he had landed with a thud, and when he hit the water,

His hands and arms got stuck in the mud. He said he began to wiggle; he even started to flop.

That’s when he broke himself loose and surfaced to the top.

Now the moral to this story is back where it all began. If you’re gonna ride your pony to water,

Don’t let him wander in.

You better pull em’ up or step on down my friend, or I’m almost nearly certain,

We’ll see this show again.

But if you really want to and you think you’ve got the sand, I’ve never laughed so dad-gum hard since,

Cowboy Life Began.