Troop 33 adopts Boy Scout ‘Island’

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Troop 33 adopts Boy Scout ‘Island’

Visitors to the Osage County Historical Society may have noticed the beautifully maintained grounds surrounding the heroic-size Boy Scout bronze sculpture, “What It’s All About.” Members of Pawhuska Boy Scout Troop 33 have volunteered to maintain the grounds surrounding the bronze, which is located in the middle of the museum’s south parking lot at 700 Lynn Ave.

Troop 33 is led by Sara Sorci and Randy Haddon, both Assistant Scoutmasters. Troop members are Tyler Quillen, Ryck Quillen, Logan Anthony, Hunter Haddon and Amadeus Reeves.

The bronze was created by the late Jim Hamilton, a native of Osage County. In creating this tribute to all Boy Scouts, Hamilton remarked, “Cowboys and Boy Scouts have always found the outdoors a wonderful mode for developing character and personal fitness.”

The air of authenticity is prevalent in the sculpture with its own live flame from a burner beneath the logs. Situated on an ‘island,’ this magnificent bronze depicts three Boy Scouts around a camp fire. Former Chamber Director David Keathley designed the outdoor landscaping.

“This beautiful setting contains an abundance of grass and decorative bushes,” said Osage County Historical Society President Shirley Roberts. “Maintenance is ongoing, particularly during the growing season. Since this ‘island’ is an honor to Boy Scouts, it is significant and much appreciated that a local troop has chosen to maintain this very special area. Thank you so very much Boy Scout Troop 33!”

Jim Hamilton also created heroic-size bronzes for Oklahoma State University — the Spirit Rider and The University of Texas at Austin — The Longhorn.