Pinto Bean

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Pinto Bean

Pinto walked across the Safeway parking lot, like he was headin’ for the gate.

Yeah, he came to the grocery store to ride ole Diamond Plate.

He said he would ride ole Diamond Plate or get throwed to the Earth.

Yeah, today he said he was gonna try to get his quarters’ worth.

Diamond Plate was standing just inside them electric doors,

and when they walked in, someone said, “Be careful. The janitor just mopped the floors.”

Well, ole Pinto dropped into the saddle with ease and said, “Turn ‘im loose. Let us out.”

That’s when somebody dropped a quarter down in the money spout.

Ole Diamond Plate started rockin’, and the crowd began to roar.

Pinto’s shirttail beat upon the seat like waves upon a shore.

Well, ole Diamond Plate nearly had ‘him and he just sorta came to a stop,

and to everybody’s amazement, ole Pinto was still on top.

Pinto rocked back in the saddle with a look that was icy and mean.

He said the next bronc ride’s gonna be down at the ole Walgreen.

Just in case you didn’t know it, they call me Pinto Bean!

“The Lord keeps a watch on the ways a cowboy rides. He studies all the trails he wonders.” — Proverbs 5:21 (Simplified Cowboy Version)