Wynona News

Tennie SloneJ-C Correspondent


Wynonans are always thrilled by the huge fireworks display every year at the park. The Robinson and Myers families are the sponsors of the display. The cost of the fireworks is getting higher each year and Wynonans are asked to help out with their donations. There is a donation can at the Town Hall for those who wish to donate and help the Robinson’s and Myers’ to put on a big display this year!


As a result of donations and generosity of the Robinson and Myers families, the fireworks at the Wynona Park on July 4th will begin at dusk. This is always a great show and everyone is invited to come and enjoy! We always have a great time and it is one of the biggest fireworks displays around. Thanks to all who made is possible and everyone come and enjoy!


There have been several new books donated to the Wynona Community Library, located at town hall. There are no rules to checking out books, come and take as many as you want, bring them back if you want and bring others if you want. We are kinda laid back and just want to let people have a chance to get in some good reading.

We also have clothing still. We haven’t donated them yet, so if anyone needs some clothes, come to town hall.


Wynonans want to offer a big thank you to the E.S.C.A.P.E Ministries from Cleveland. They are always so good to remember our town and send us lots of goodies to share. The last load was onions, macaroni and cheese and some M & M’s. We are always happy to get a load of goodies and always happy to distribute to our residents! Thanks, Pastor Bob and E.S.C.A.P.E. Ministries!