Summertime means YouthWorks

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Summertime means YouthWorks

During a recent visit to the Osage County Historical Society Museum, I met a delightful group of visitors from Evansville, Indiana. After a week of doing volunteer work in the community, the group was having a little R&R while exploring the rich history of Pawhuska and Osage County. After a tour of the historical society’s colorful exhibits, they were heading to the swinging bridge and hoped to see more than a few buffalo at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.

This mixture of middle and high-school Indiana students were part of the first wave of YouthWorks volunteers to converge on Pawhuska. The group consisted of members of Evansville’s St. James West United Methodist Church. They arrived on Sunday, June 7, and were scheduled to return home Thursday, June 12. They were housed at the First Christian Church in Pawhuska.

According to YouthWorks spokesperson Kelsey Biever, “In order to make this mission trip, we fundraised the entire cost. While we were in Pawhuska, we worked at the Kids Club summer program at the First Presbyterian Church. We also painted in the high school gym. YouthWorks coordinated all of the work sites and were a pleasure to work with. Our kids formed strong bonds with the kids in Pawhuska community as well as the YouthWorks staff. It was a wonderful experience. We absolutely loved and all of the amazing history!”

Biever explained that following her group’s departure, another eager group of YouthWorks volunteers would be descending upon Pawhuska.