Constantine presents ‘Seven Wives for Dracula’

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Constantine Players will present “Seven Wives for Dracula” at 7 p.m. May 16 and 1:30 p.m. May 17.

Directed by Garrett Hartness, the play features: Alma Hull, Katie Adair, Lori Loftis, Samuel Shaw, Harry Robinson, Tre Harper, Amber Kyler, Nicky Hyslop, Linda Hubbard, Penny Adair, Jennifer Adair, Serena Jeffers, Newton Cass, Vin Cass, Misty Hull, Vada Cass, Jake Collier, Emmett Finn, Chris Broadwell, Andrew Williams, Vanessa Rouse, Jewel Santini, Laurie O’Driscoll, Aoife O’Driscoll, Leah Strahm and Noah Hoyt.

The plot is as follows: It’s just another bizarre day at Dr. Sewards ‘Sanatorium for the Disturbed.’ Constant howling and sightings of a Wolf Creature (Leah Strahm) are only the beginning. With an array of crazy residents running around, no day is the same as the last. A pragmatic and patient man, Dr. Seward (Harry Robinson / Tre Harper) is well used to the craziness around him. Receiving handmade gifts from the delightfully insane Mrs. Half-Nelson (Alma Hull / Katie Adair) and reigning in the deranged Renfield (Lori Loftis / Samuel Shaw) are all just par for the course. Most worrisome however, is the failing health of his daughter Lucy (Misty Hull / Vada Cass). Ever since the castle across the Moor was purchased by that strange couple from Transylvania, things have gotten even weirder.

Advance tickets for “Seven Wives for Dracula” are available for $5 and will be $7 at the door. Tickets can be purchased from CAC board members and cast members. For more information call 918-287-1992.