Area children featured in ‘The Timid Dragon’

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Area children featured in ‘The Timid Dragon’

The Constantine Arts Council’s annual Children’s Theater attracted a large crowd Sunday afternoon for “The Timid Dragon.” Twenty area children were involved, a number of whom made their acting debut. Written by Tim Kelly, the production was made possible by permission of the Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois.

Constantine Arts Council President Garrett Hartness directed the play which had been earlier shown to over 1,600 students from as far away as Sedan, Kansas, to Wynona, Barnsdall, Fairfax, Dewey and Pawhuska. Through memberships and ticket sales, Constantine supporters provide the financial backing necessary to provide this annual opportunity.

“The Timid Dragon” is about a tiny kingdom where a fierce dragon lives outside the castle walls. Merchants survive by selling ribbons and dragon repellents and brave knights awe the ladies by their willingness to die to protect them. Princess Lydia (played by Bryanna Swan) is a lovely girl who can talk to dragons. When the Princess discovers the dragon is really lonely, she brings him inside the castle wall. Only the wise and unselfish Queen (Shalyea Howell) understands how to solve the ensuing problems.

Emily Potts, Katie Adair and Cinda Potts play merchants Una, Agnes and Graspa. Grace Hedglen is a romantic young girl named Jessica. Ryleigh Steelman is her friend, Adele. Nicoah Hyslop is her other friend, Marilyn. Leah Strahm is a lazy woodcutter named Shiftless. Aoife O’Driscoll plays the Damsel, an excitable young woman once captured by the dragon. Fletcher Warmington is the Knight Bluster. Emmett Finn plays Prince Egbert, the Queen’s stupid son. Anthony Adair is the Dragon, a beast who actually likes people. Phillip Long and Andrew Williams play the Royal Guards. Townspeople are played by Grace Adair, Vada Cass and Ethan Williams. Fourth grade student Vin Cass served as Lighting Assistant.

Following the production, the cast and audience sang “Happy Birthday” to Dragon Anthony Adair. The audience was invited to take group photos of the cast and a meet and greet the cast party.

Overheard were comments such as, “This was an adorable play” and “The costumes were amazing.” In addition to those already listed, the crew for “The Timid Dragon” included Nicki Lorenzo, Lori Loftis, Jennifer Adair, Linda Hubbard, Penny Adair, Jewel Santini, Jan Swan, Terry Jeffers and Nancysu Herron. G.F.W.C. Heeko members served as ushers for the school children.

A limited number of DVDs of “The Timid Dragon,” “Imperfect Proposal” and last year’s “Princess and the Pea” are available for $5. For more information, call the Constantine at 918-287-1992. The Constantine is also accepting props and furniture, such as shoes, clothing, hats, umbrellas, baskets, metal or plastic dishes, bedding, etc. Constantine Arts Council members include Hartness, Nancysu Herron, Linda Hubbard, Alma Hull, Brian Jeffers, Lori Loftis, Nicki Lorenzo, Sunshine Mares, Sarah Oberly, Linda Stieninger, Barbara Strahm and Ellen Weigant.