OCCW install new officers

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
OCCW install new officers

The Osage County Cattlewomen (OCCW) held their fall meeting on Oct. 27 in the parlor of Pawhuska’s Methodist Church. The dinner meeting was hosted by District 3 which is western Osage County. Nineteen members were in attendance.

The OCCW, State Cattlewomen and American National Cattlewomen are dedicated to supporting the livestock industry, love of the land, life and the humility and awe before nature. OCCW does this through various educational endeavors, Beef Certificates, and assorted Ag in the Classroom programs. Monies to sponsor these activities come from their sale of the popular RADA culinary products which are available at Spurs & Arrows in Pawhuska.

Most recently, the Cattlewomen launched a new jewelry line of engraved sterling silver necklaces. They are in the shape of Oklahoma and come with 16” or 18” chains. These items are available at the Osage Outfitters in Pawhuska and Kelley’s in Ponca City. At Monday’s meeting, the Cattlewomen commissioned matching lapel pins. “These will make great stocking stuffers,” said Barbara Jacques. “We should have both the necklaces and lapel pins/tie tacks available in time for Christmas shopping.”

Plans were initiated for the 2nd Annual Cattlemen’s Ball which is tentatively set for Feb. 13 or 14. Invitations will be once again sent to active members of the Osage County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen associations and their guests. This family-friendly event drew a great crowd for its inaugural ball which included live music, lots of food and festive decorations.

“We don’t want anyone to miss out on our 2nd Annual Cattlemen’s Ball,” said OCCW President Chrystal Themm. “Dues for both the Osage County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen are due in January. They are very reasonable and support the livestock industry.”

Communication and teamwork are vital components in the livestock industry.

In preparing for initiation of the Club’s 2015 officers, Themm said, “When I think of Osage County Cattlewomen, I am reminded of the long cattle drives of the old west. While one person may have been the Cow Boss, there was always a crew that was a necessity in getting the herd safely to the destination.”

Addressing in-coming OCCW President Carol Crews, Themm said, “A president is the Cow Boss of our operation. It is your job to guide us. You will depend on your crew, trusting them to assist you with tasks needed to complete your journey. As the brains of this cattle drive, we offer you the signature of any cowgirl, her hat.”

As President-Elect, Kathryn Chambers will be the Foreman, second in command. She will be represented by chaps that indicate her willingness to ‘cover’ for the boss in her absence, protecting the integrity of the position.

Secretary Dee Chambers is like the camp cook or ‘Cookie.’ “People talk and you listen,” said Themm. “You are a constant among what is sometimes chaotic. As Cookie, you will keep us grounded. You are represented by this apron to remind you that Cookie stands out as the one with the answers.”

Macy Strom will continue her role as Treasurer or the Cattlewomen’s banker. “An organization cannot operate effectively without funds,” said Themm. “You are represented by these spurs. You will prod us on to reach higher and achieve more.”

There are three OCCW Districts. Each has two Directors. District 1 (East Area) Directors will be Jamie Clement and Christ McKinley. District 2 (Pawhuska) will be represented by Georgia Cheves and Rosemary Justensen. District 3 (West Area) Directors will be Sue McConaghy and Megan Collom. Themm said, “A cattle drive must have scouts who foresee obstacles or dangers that may lie ahead. You are represented by these lanterns to help you see clearly as you keep watch.”

In closing, Themm reinforced the Cattlewomen’s support of the 2015 officers saying, “No cattle drive can function with only those in charge working. It takes everyone to be successful.” She also expressed her appreciation for their support during her two-year tenure.