Constantine Theater hosts 2014 Sassy Awards

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Constantine Theater hosts 2014 Sassy Awards

A red carpet welcomed guests to the Constantine Arts Council’s 5th Annual Sassy Awards. The Sassy Awards were named in honor of Helen Sappho (Sassy) Constantine Brown (1894 – 1973) daughter of the theater’s founder, Charles A. Constantine.

Terry Loftis served as Master of Ceremonies. Claiming he has no talent except to talk, Loftis set the pace with an entertaining monologue, saying, “The Sassy Awards, much like the Oscars, recognize and support the numerous performers and contributors who have brought outstanding entertainment to the community during the past year. The level of talent and quality of these productions has been unsurpassed.”

Entertainment was provided by Serena Jeffers, Leah Strahm and Bryanna Swan who sang a charming rendition of “On Broadway.” This was followed by Katie McCollum’s who sang “Wishing You Were Here Again” and Allie Baker’s 1920s take of “Won’t You Charleston With Me?” All performers are students of D’Lynn Everett’s Music Studio in Bartlesville.

Adorable and elegantly attired Eleanor Walker, daughter of R.J. and Kristina Walker, did an amazing job in her role of Trophy Girl. Sound was provided by talented Jamison Thorne, son of Terry and Dana Thorne. The following represents the awards in the order presented with the exception of the Constantine Medals of Merit which have been grouped.

Terry Jeffers presented the Best Technical Achievement Award to Leah Strahm as Stage Manager for the “Princess and the Pea.” Nominees included Anthony Adair, Penny Adair, Noah Hoyt, Shaylea Howell, Serena Jeffers, Alyssa Reynolds, Jody Hull, Lori Loftis and Terry Loftis.

Bryanna Swan announced Penny Adair for Best Cameo Performance for her role as a maid in the “Princess and the Pea.” Nominees included Serena Jeffers, Emily Boe, Emily Potts and Katie Adair.

Jewell Santini revealed Jeffrey Phillippi had received the nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his role as Andrew in “Imperfect Proposal.” Also nominated were Jake Collier as Mrs. Pryor and Garrett Hartness as Ebenezer Dorset in “The Ransom of Emily Jane.”

CAC President Garrett Hartness introduced Steve Tolson as Patron of the Year. Other nominees included Jennifer Adair, Frederick Drummond, Kathy Swan and Strat Tolson. Shaylea Howell announced Leah Strahm had the honor of being first Youth Patron of the Year. Nominees included Katie Adair, Penny Adair, Tre Harper and Serena Jeffers.

Alma Hull presented Jewell Santini with the Best Child Performance in a Leading Role award. Santini played the Jester in “Princess and the Pea” and Emily Jane Dorset in “The Ransom of Emily Jane.” Other nominees included Tre Harper, Leah Strahm and Fletcher Warmington.

Penny Adair announced Jennifer Adair and Linda Hubbard won Best Artistic Design. They provided props and costumes for the “Princess and the Pea.” Nominees were Jennifer Adair, Vanessa Rouse, Terry Loftis, Lori Loftis, Christina Camargo, Yvonne Rose and Harry Robinson.

Serena Jeffers presented the Best Director of the Year to Lori Loftis for her work in “Imperfect Proposal.” She was up against Constantine veteran Garrett Hartness who directed “Princess and the Pea” and “The Ransom of Emily Jane.”

Jake Collier had the honor of announcing Brian Jeffers for the prestigious CAC Present Board Member of the Year. Nominees included Garrett Hartness, Alma Hull, Brian Jeffers, Lori Loftis and Barbara Strahm.

Co-presenters Jennifer and Katie Adair were delighted when Penny Adair was selected for Best Child Performance in a Supporting Role. She played a rich socialite and protester in “Imperfect Proposal.” Also nominated were Serena Jeffers, Vincent Santini and Bryanna Swan.

Duo Fletcher Warmington and Tre Harper announced Roxanne Gothard received the Best Supporting Actress award for her part as Witch Zelda in “Princess and the Pea.” Also nominated were Serena Jeffers, Cyndi Kane, Jennifer Adair and Amber Kyler.

Loris Loftis awarded Garrett Hartness the Best Actor Award for his part as grumpy old man William in “Imperfect Proposal.” Nominees included Jake Collier as Ben in “Imperfect Proposal” and Will Chambers as Sonny Griggs in “The Ransom of Emily Jane.”

Will Chambers presented Lori Loftis with the Best Actress Award as Ma Griggs in the “Ransom of Emily Jane.” Also nominated were Jennifer Adair as Katie and Alma Hull as Ella in “Imperfect Proposal.”

There were three Constantine Awards of Merit presented this year. This award recognizes individuals who meet or exceed ticket sales. Proceeds from ticket sales enable the theater to provide outstanding and fresh entertainment to the community. Each nominee was presented with a medal. The winners received a trophy.

For “Princess and the Pea,” Sunshine Mares announced Award of Merit went to Ryleigh Steelman. Nominees included Kinlee Cheves, Shaylea Howell, Serena Jeffers, Jewel Santini, Samuel Shaw, Leah Strahm and Bryanna Swan.

For the “Ransom of Emily Jane,” Penny Adair presented Award of Merit to Will Chambers. Nominees included Katie Adair, Jake Collier and Amber Kyler.

For “Imperfect Proposal,” Nancysu Herron announced Award of Merit went to Jake Collier. Nominees included Penny Adair, Serena Jeffers, Jeffery Phillippi, Jewel Santini and Leah Strahm.

Upcoming events at the Constantine Theater include the movie “OZ the Great and Powerful” which will be shown at 7:30 Oct. 29. Rated PG, admission is $2.

“The Timid Dragon,” a live children’s theater production; will debut Nov. 4 and 6. The play will be offered to the public at 2 p.m. Nov. 9.

The Constantine will host their annual Members Appreciation Party from 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 23.