Osage County native’s book hits number 1 on Amazon

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
Osage County native’s book hits number 1 on Amazon

Barnsdall native, Dr. Wil McCauley’s most recent publication, “The Lowest Overhead Practice in Existence” has topped the Amazon charts in both Chiropractic and Acupuncture genres since August 11, 2014. The author said, “This book is about the return of the house-call in modern medicine. I no longer operate a brick-and-mortar style clinic. The world has gone mobile. Why not chiropractic?”

The son of Rusty and Claudia McCauley and grandson of Ruth McLaughlin of Barnsdall, Wil McCauley graduated from Barnsdall High School in 2000, received a BS in Biology from Northeastern State University in 2006 and his Doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City in 2010.

After receiving his Chiropractic degree, Dr. McCauley moved to Bentonville, Arkansas, where he started a medical spa practice. “My practice was located a short 67 yards from Wal-Mart’s home office. This proved to be a worthy experience that I try to incorporate in my writing and speaking engagements.”

Wil McCauley was in the fourth grade when he received his first chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Tom Powers of the Pawhuska Chiropractic Clinic. “My father took me to see Dr. Powers after an elementary football game against Shidler. This man is a gentleman and a healer. After one visit, I was back on the gridiron!”

Dr. McCauley has the distinction of being the first chiropractor admitted to any free healthcare facility in the state of Arkansas. He said, “Practicing alongside MDs, DOs and Physical Therapists really gives the homeless citizens of northwest Arkansas the best care possible. Once a month I treat the men of Soul’s Harbor Homeless Shelter in Rogers, Arkansas. The majority of these men have recently been released from prison or drug rehab centers with no place to go. Those are my guys! I enjoy being able to give the gift of health without expecting or receiving anything in return. All acts of kindness are rewarded in their own way.”

Dr. McCauley designed his best seller, “The Lowest Overhead Practice in Existence” for complementary and alternative medicine providers. However, the concepts can be adapted to all small businesses. His small business consulting service currently has a record of lowering overhead by 25 percent.

His first book, “Where Is God During Depression?” is a spiritual outlook on the darkness of Depression and chronicles his personal bouts with the disease.

“We are all put here for a reason,” continued Dr. McCauley. “We are all given gifts that must be shared with mankind to make society a better place. Many of us fail and never attempt to try again. Yet, these failures are a part of a grand design to strengthen our soul. The light within us is meant to shine. Doubt and fear dim our light and our full expression is never reached. This is how true faith is cultivated. We are taught to ‘have’ faith. Only until we are met with obstacles that seem insurmountable can we ‘exercise’ faith.

As a keynote speaker, Dr. McCauley welcomes the opportunity to share “The Spiritual Entrepreneur” lecture with any Osage County Church free of charge. He said this would be a great opportunity to return to the Osage, visit family and give back to the community that raised him.

Dr. McCauley and his bride, Randi, were married last October and reside in Bella Vista, Arkansas, with their two dogs, Marley and Yella Dog. Both are avid hikers and kayak enthusiasts. He said, “Randi is from the eastern Arkansas Delta. Her southern drawl lured me in!”