GFWC Heeko Club installs 2014 officers

Kathryn SwanJ-C Correspondent
GFWC Heeko Club installs 2014 officers

GFWC Heeko member Barbara Strahm chose a whimsical initiation for the Club’s 2014 officers. Utilizing assorted domestic and wildlife, she had each officer hold up their ‘counterpart’ by explaining the role they would play in conducting club business for the ensuing year.

Laughter erupted as Journalist Patty Gambill revealed her sign of “Patty the Pig.”

Strahm explained, “As Club journalist, Patty dances all the way to the newspaper office to turn in articles for the newspaper. She’s very plump with satisfaction on sharing club efforts in making Pawhuska a better place to be.”

Corresponding Secretary Geraldine Enyart was represented by “Tillie the Turtle who loves to spend time writing wonderful of cheer, appreciation and concern to Heeko and other community members.”

As Treasurer, Bernice Irby had the distinction of being “Millie the Mule who hauls around that heavy checkbook, balks when anyone suggests an unnecessary expense, and she brays each month when she reports on how much money the club has in its treasury.”

Secretary Sherry Williams was described as “Fife the Poodle whose Minutes are precise, neat and legible.”

Filling in for Vice President Marilyn Mayer was Barbara McVey. This position was represented by “Cora the Cow who is very proud to be an assistant to the President. Her main job is to plan the Club’s programs for the year. Sometimes this takes a little mooing and kinda pushing members with her horns to get them to volunteer to do a program or be a hostess.”

As GFWC Heeko President, Debbie Reed was represented by “Ginger the Giraffe who holds her head high as being Heeko president and who wants to spread the good news of the Club’s good deeds.”

In conclusion, Strahm said, “All GFWC Heeko officers and its members work together to make the club and our community better place.”