Cattlewomen meet at Southern Chance Ranch


Because of scheduling conflicts, Osage County Cattlewomen met April 5 at the home of Jamie and Steve Clement for their March meeting.

Co-hosts were members of the District 1. President Crystal Themm presided.

The Osage County Cattlewomen traditionally meet on the second Saturday of the month in March, May and October. The club is made up of three districts which encompass all of Osage County. These are District 2 Pawhuska, District 3 West, and District 1 East. The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to assist the cattle industry by promoting better public relations and to promote public acceptance and use of cattle industry products. President Themm said, “As Cattlewomen, we do all in our power to instil in the coming generation the love of the land and of life, the humility and awe before Nature, and the hope and faith for future generations.”

Barbara Jacques of District 3 discussed various options for a Cattlewoman charm. The charm will feature the state of Oklahoma with BEEF engraved on the front and OCCW on the back. Depending on the success of this venture, the charm will be later enlarged for use as a key ring. Jacques wants to have the charm completed before the June Cattlemen’s Convention.

Submissions for candidates for the Osage County Cattlewoman of the Year were encouraged. Unlike the Cattlemen who annually honor a current and deceased cattleman, OCCW select their honorees based upon submissions and recommendations by club members. President Themm asked for submissions before the May meeting. Previous OCCW honorees include Francis Gardner, Nancy Strom, Joan Jacques and Betty McKinley.

Dee Chambers of District 1 suggested the OCCW consider designing low-cost name badges when members are promoting the beef industry. She gave examples of an Oklahoma badge with attachable small bars which provide additional information, such as the county name and the member’s current position in the club. Chambers said magnetic or pin-on badges are more professional looking and won’t fall off like paper stick-on badges.

The first annual Cattlemen’s Ball held last December was an overwhelming success with many requests for a repeat. The ball was open to current members of the Osage County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Associations and their guests. Because there is so much activity going on during the holiday, the club voted to hold its next ball in mid-January. They felt members would enjoy a post-holiday event without the burden of pre-holiday preparations.

Items are still being solicited for Cathi Ball’s OCCW-themed guitar which will be a fund-raising project. Members were asked to drop off items at Osage Outfitters or to contact Macy Strom who is also collecting items for the project.

Project Chair Carol Crews reported a sluggish economy for January and February. She gave accolades to Jackie Wilcox and Faren Revard of Spurs and Arrows for their generosity in carrying Cattlewomen products. “These women beautifully display our Rada cutlery, dip mixes, and assorted beef-industry related items PLUS they maintain a ledger of all sales – all at no cost to OCCW.” Crews encouraged the cattlewomen to let Jackie and Faren know they are cattlewomen and to personally thank them for helping the club promote the beef industry.

Crews asked the Cattlewomen to consider another fund-raising project. She proposed custom-made picnic tables with Osage County brands burned onto the table tops and benches. A similar table was auctioned at the recent Chamber Gala. A pamphlet, describing the origin and history of each brand, would accompany each of the three table sets. Once completed, raffle tickets would be sold with the winners announced at the January Cattlemen’s Ball.

Barbara Strahm of District 2 announced she had received a new supply of Beef Certificates. Beef Certificates are similar to a Traveler’s or Cashier’s check. They make excellent gifts and are redeemable at any business that serves beef, such as a grocery store, restaurant or fast-food establishment. Osage County Cattlewomen provide Beef Certificates as door prizes for the Pawhuska blood drive, to Osage County nursing homes and Christ’s Cupboard.

Guest Norita Martin of the American National Cattlewomen (ANCW) explained that the Oklahoma Cattlewomen’s Association is partnering with ANCW and Sam’s Clubs in Edmond and Owasso for in-store beef demonstrations. Demonstrations will be held May 9-10, June 6-7, July 11-12, August 8-9, and September 5-6. Contracted food handlers will conduct the demonstrations and distribute samples. Cattlewomen are asked to promote the beef industry by discussing with consumers the convenience and ease of preparation, hand out recipes and answer basic questions. She said, “This is your opportunity to advocate for the beef industry with immediate, measurable results. ANCW reported pound sales increased by as much as 151% during 2012 sampling promotions where Cattlewomen were present.”

Osage County Extension 4-H Educator Jessica Jantzen invited the Cattlewomen to once again participate in Ag in the Classroom. This hands-on program is designed to help children understand the importance of agriculture and its role in practically every facet of our lives. The first event was held April 7th in Shidler for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The next event is tentatively planned for April 25th or May 13th for Wynona 3rd and 4th students.