Citywide Clean-up efforts kick off Saturday with free dumpster

Citywide Clean-up efforts kick off Saturday with free dumpster

With the coming of spring, a Citywide Clean-up is set for this Saturday.

Jenna Lee Hague, G.F.W.C. Heeko chair of Citizens for Pride in Pawhuska, wants Pawhuska residents to know about the volunteer efforts to improve the city.

“This Saturday, April 5th, we will have water and gloves at the Flag Pole for volunteer workers,” said Hague. “We will also have our free dumpster ready to check out. This dumpster trailer is actually available year-round for Pawhuska residents within the city limits.

“Not everybody seems to know about the free dumpster, even though I’ve written free dumpster all around it. Those who have used it have nothing but raves about the program.”

Some residents have used the dumpster multiple times.

“Two individuals have used the dumpster seven times!” said August Hague. “That’s what it’s for. The folks who are using it now are trying to clean up a vandalized home.”

The Hagues invite volunteers to meet them at the Flag Poll this Saturday.

“Anyone who would like to help us chair this program is encouraged to speak up,” said Jenna. “There are some Saturdays when August and I will not be able to be there.

“We can’t praise the City enough for their support. Some people dog on them, but they have been fantastic. Many city and county employees continue to go above and beyond to help beautify our city and on their own time,” she said.

The Hagues would like to encourage neighbors to adopt their block and civic groups to adopt bigger areas.

“We’ve had several volunteers sign up to help paint curbs and fire hydrants,” said August. “A lot of places look so much better, but there is still a lot of work to do. We are continuing to concentrate on entrances to the city.”

August also recognized the combined efforts of the City Shop and Brazee Tire & Service on Lynn Avenue (the Shamrock Station).

“After sitting idle during most of the winter, the dumpster trailer developed a flat tire. I pulled it up to the City Shop and they aired it up for me. After it went down again, the City Shop again aired it up for me. When it went down the third time, I took it to Brazee’s. They fixed the tire for me at no charge. These same folks also fixed the trailer’s broken jack.”