Auditions begin for Constantine’s spring play

Auditions begin for Constantine’s spring play

Auditions began Saturday for the historic Constantine’s spring play.

Co-Directors Jennifer Adair and Lori Loftis have selected “Imperfect Proposal,” by Lisa Parry.

This fast-paced comedy is full of dynamic characters, amusing stage action and non-stop laughs with at least 15 spots for thespians ages 12 to 100.

“’Imperfect Proposal’ is about a young man who has invited his girlfriend Kate to a romantic picnic in the park to pop the question,” said Adair. “Spreading out the blanket and food, he rehearses the perfect line. As soon as Kate arrives, Ben’s hopes of happily ever after are dashed, as anything that could possibly go wrong does — he says the wrong thing, she misunderstands, they get plowed over by a gang of football players, followed by a parade of other mishaps!”

Loftis added, “A constant stream of wisecracks (and wisdom) comes from a nearby park bench, where a nosey old couple spends the afternoon eavesdropping and commentating. By the end of the picnic, it’s more like a death knell than wedding bells for the young couple’s relationship.”

For more information, call Loftis at 918-287-7352.