Season to Taste


Linda West shared with me that her mother, Roberta Lewis, made the most sumptuous succotash this side of the Mason Dixon Line!

She also confided, with what sounded much to me as sheer delight, that no one else in her family liked lima beans. Therefore whenever her mother would make the following recipe, only the two of them would have the pleasure of eating it.

Now, truth be told, I’m no fan of lima beans so I’m simply going to have to go on Linda’s word that her mom’s soup is nothing short of sensational.


3 slices of bacon, cut into 1” pieces

4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (about 1.5 lbs)

3 T. flour

3/4 t. salt

2 medium red potatoes, unpeeled, thinly sliced

2 cans stewed tomatoes (14 oz. cans)

1 can whole kernel corn

1 10 oz. package frozen green lima beans

1 chicken flavored bouillon cube

In 8 qt. Dutch oven over medium high heat, cook bacon until browned. Remove to paper towels and drain. Spoon off all but 1 T. drippings

Cut chicken into bite size pieces. Combine flour and salt; coat chicken with flour mixture. Brown chicken in drippings.

Add potatoes, tomatoes, corn, lima beans, bouillon and 3 cups hot water. Heat over high heat to boiling. Reduce to medium, cover and cook 10 minutes or until chicken and vegetables are tender. Sprinkle with bacon.

Makes 6 servings. About 285 calories per serving.