Fairfax church to host ‘The Great Date Experiment’

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Fairfax First Christian Church is hosting Married Life’s “Great Date Experiment.”

The “GDE” is a six-month journey designed to spice things up for married couples. The over arching goal is to help couples rediscover themselves and each other.

The GDE only consists of six whimsical and fun dates that the couples will go on, one each month. The dates are roughly lined out for the couples including questions and instructions but the particulars of the date are left up to them. The GDE is an open invitation to all married couples in the area who would like to have some fun.

Lead Pastor Ty Curry says, “We will even help with the baby sitting if needed.”

There will be a Great Date Experiment Launch party for anyone who is planning to take on the challenge, in which Pastor Ty will be cooking and serving the guests a wonderful meal. The couples desiring to join the GDE will be given their first set of instructions at the launch party.

The GDE launch party will be Feb. 16, at 7 p.m. Pastor Ty says, “Bring the kiddos with you.”

When asked about non-married couples, Pastor Ty had this to say, “The Great Date Experiment” is only designed for married couples, howeve, we are working on a separate “GDE” that will be geared for dating or engaged couples.”

He said this experiment is expected to launch in August.

The reason for the delay, he said, “We want to gather information from this first GDE as well as ideas and feedback. This will help us to better cater the dates to our local demographic in which to enhance the experience all together.”

He also stated that, “The Great Date Experiment” was created by the folks at Married Life Inc. a ministry of North Point Ministry. The follow up “GDE” for dating and engaged couples has never been done so we have to totally craft this program from scratch. It will take some time to do this.”

For more, visit www.fccfx.org.