Library to host book signing by area rancher


The Pawhuska Public Library is hosting a book signing from 1:30-3:30 Friday, Feb. 1, for Dr. Joe (Bob) Surber’s newest book, “Today’s Tomorrow.”

Growing up in Pawhuska, Surber was more commonly referred to as Bob. He is the son of Hugh and Dema Surber and brother of Dick Surber and manages his family’s ranch north of Pawhuska.

“My creative writing resulted from the teachings and encouragement of Pawhuska High School English teacher, Mrs. Mildred Grinstead,” said Surber. “She is the mother of Carol Maupin and Nancy Woodyard.”

“Today’s Tomorrow” is designed to assist individuals in changing unwanted habit cycles of thinking, feeling and behaving. In the book, Surber says most people are not aware that much of the content and direction of their lives are the result of those habit cycles. If a person has a habit of behaving in a certain manner, but wishes to change it, what are the elements involved in understanding it and how does one change the habit?

“In addition, many people want to improve their lives and their relationships with others. Too many times the thought for improvement is in the ‘tomorrow mode,’ neglecting today’s needed action.”

Surber utilizes stories, illustrations and examples to explain the numerous mental and emotional obstacles that ambush individuals as they seek a path to improvement.

“There are unknown roadblocks that detour or slow an individual’s progress in improving relationships with others,” said Surber.

“A 2006 study found that some forty percent of an individual’s actions are habit and no real decisions are made about those habits or actions. ‘Today’s Tomorrow’ describes a method of analysis and a strategy to change targeted habits,” said Surber. “This self-improvement book is not designed for individuals who have serious emotional problems, drug dependency or medical based problems.”

“In ‘Today’s Tomorrow,’ the reader must become aware of the process and then become a participant who practices the methods designed to change behaviors, thoughts and feelings. An involved participant will have success.”

Dr. Surber received his doctorate in school psychology from Oklahoma State University in 1974. After retiring from the Ponca City school system, he wrote his first suspense mystery, “The Mirror Chase,” which previewed at the Historical Society Museum last year.

Surber is currently working on a sequel titled “The Backward Chase.”

As an author, he has written numerous articles for educational and psychological publications, and published a counseling handbook. His poetry has been included in five anthologies.

Surber is married to Jody Novak, daughter of Ray and Dorothy Novak of Ponca City. They have a son, Robert Brian Surber, and a daughter Karrie Jo (Surber) Cuttler. After 45 years in Ponca City, the couple moved to Claremore to be near their grandchildren.