Season to Taste


There is a special sense of comfort when I spend time with my church family. Each person present has a love story inside his heart — from the past or from the present. Now, while you may never ask, or the story is never shared, most assuredly, one is there.

Christmas Eve, I was blessed with the gift of extra time and I chose to spend it with my church family. Carolyn Tolson not only packed the pews with her precious family, but in my book, she also packed away the blue-ribbon-winning-first-prize for the best dip on the buffet table. It was beyond tasty and any plan to not take seconds was never up for consideration.

Now you might think this recipe is too simple to be delicious, so I highly suggest you better think again.

The Mel Tolson Family’s Christmas Dip

Brown one pound of sausage, crumble, and drain well. Place in a crock pot. Add 4 eight ounce packages of cream cheese along with one can of Rotel. Allow to melt in the crockpot and serve warm.