PBDC launches Fall ‘Lunch ‘n Learn’ series

PBDC launches Fall ‘Lunch ‘n Learn’ series

“Your Attitude IS Everything” was the topic that launched the Food for Thought Lunch ‘n Learn fall series. The event was held September 19th at the Pawhuska Business Development Center and was sponsored by the Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce.

“We are very pleased with the response to the event,” said PBDC coordinator Cindy Helmer. “We had 62 in attendance. That is great, but my goal is to reach 100!”

Chamber Executive Director Mike McCartney welcomed the attendees saying, “I am excited to see such a good crowd as we continue the ‘Food for Thought’ Lunch ‘n Learn Series. Please be sure to pass on today’s experience to your co-workers, family and friends because there are many folks who don’t know what they’re missing. Lunch is free and so is the entertainment. More importantly the educational programs are invaluable.”

Introducing guest speakers Tonya Foreman and Tara Gotwalt, McCartney stated, “These ladies are a great resource for our community. Please take advantage of their professional knowledge and leadership.” Both women are Directors for PBDC and TCTC’s Business Strategy Center.

The fast-moving program included lively audience interaction, mingled with short-video clips and great examples of how one’s attitude can be life’s greatest attribute.

November’s Food for Thought program will be about “Managing Your Chaos.” Foreman and Gotwalt will help participants identify if their life is in chaos, out of control and if they tend to move from one crisis to another. Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘chaos’ as any confused collection or state of things; complete disorder. Chaos-addicted individuals lack the ability to control the amount of disorder in their lives.

Cindy Helmer continued, “Chaos breeds chaos. Chaotic behavior is hardly a new phenomenon. More and more, we are pressured to further complicate our already complicated lives. If this subject matter resonates with you and your life, please plan on attending our next ‘Food for Thought’ which is scheduled for Nov. 21 from 11:30-1:00 at the Pawhuska Business Development Center, 1225 Virginia Street, in Pawhuska.”

Participants will receive tips and techniques on how to restore ‘balance’ into their lives. Lunch is free and will be sponsored by the Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce and Helmer Oil Co. You may RSVP now by calling Cindy Helmer at 918-287-3357 or email at chelmer@tctc.org.

If there is an organization interested in sponsoring a “Food for Thought” Lunch ‘n Learn, please contact the Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce at 918-287-1208.