Osage Tribal Museum sponsors 3 events

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

On Sept. 28, the Osage Tribal Museum will sponsor three very enjoyable and very informative events for the public at the Constantine Theatre and the Osage Cultural Center.

First, a stage play about the Dawes Commission and its impact upon the Muscogee (Creek) people will be presented in the Muscogee (Creek) language and translated.

Next, at the theatre, there will be a presentation by Garrick Bailey covering the imposition and effects that allotments had on the Osage. Questions and answers follow.

Thirdly, a delicious steak meal will be served followed by a lively auction at the Osage Cultural Center for unique donated items.

All three events combined cost $19.06

Tickets are available at the Osage Tribal Museum

All proceeds go to the “The James Bigheart Statue Fund.”