Local Baptist church sponsors children’s musical

Local Baptist church sponsors children’s musical

For the past six months the children of the Lynn Avenue Baptist Church have been practicing for a musical entitled “”My God Is So Good,” directed by Gretchen Yeabower. The front of the sanctuary was beautifully transformed into a mountain setting with a flowing water fall, an abundance of mountains, trees, flowers and more.

Except for the name, no one, including Pastor Roger Clark, had any idea of what the program would entail. Marilyn Clark, wife of Pastor Roger, was the Producer and insisted, “This program is not about me! When the audience sees the program unfold, they will see the impact all of the children had. There will be lots of surprises.” Clark said she is very proud of the dedication her youthful cast demonstrated during the twice weekly hour-long rehearsals.

“My God Is So Good” cast members ranged from 9 months to the 8th grade. As the program began to unfold, the audience was wowed with a delightful video featuring church choir youth in a variety of whimsical scenes. Totally produced by Lynn Avenue Baptist youth, the video was professionally done and included music and production credits. The well-orchestrated 35-minute program was smooth running and reflected months of preparation. It was obvious the children were thoroughly into the project.

Even the youngest cast members had a part with their ‘Amens.’ The older children recited numerous biblical verses and references to God’s greatness and why their God is so big. Each was performed effortlessly with perfect enunciation. Pastor Clark commented, “All of the church youth started out with rehearsals. Only the most determined stuck with the twice-weekly regime. Their hard work paid off tonight.”

Following the program, guests were invited to a reception and open house of the recently decorated Sunday school class rooms. Each class room had a unique theme, such as Little Lambs, Home Away from Home, The Fish Tank, Club House, L.A.C.E, Sweets, Pathfinders, and Jungle themed rooms.

Accompanying the cast was pianist Kent Yeabower. His selection of the Charley Brown theme song climaxed the program which elicited a standing ovation

The Clarks have been in ministry for over thirty years and with Lynn Baptist for the past ten. With a ministry dedicated to families, Pastor Clark and wife Marilyn are affectionately referred to as “Poppa” and “Grammy.”

Grammy Clark said, “The Bible tells us to go and tell everyone about Jesus, and that is what the Lynn Baptist children wanted to share. We would love to welcome any other children who would like to come and be a part of our next big production. The Children’s Choir practices at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.”