Diapers for DHS program serves local children

Diapers for DHS program serves local children

When Pawhuska Methodist Pastor Kathy Morris visited with Department of Human Services Representative Evelyn Laird about the recent free school supply program, she discovered another critical need.

“When babies and toddlers are brought into protective service, the majority of the time they come with the diaper they are wearing and nothing more,” said Laird.

Pastor Kathy contacted Mission Chair Sherry Williams about this opportunity to further serve the Pawhuska community and Osage County children. What resulted was Sunday’s collection of ‘Diapers for DHS.’

Pastor Kathy asked for special blessings for the children who would benefit from these gifts and the people who have been entrusted to care for them.

Former DHS Director Shirley Roberts noted, “For years, the Pawhuska Methodist Church has shown support for child welfare programs. Now, there are five members of the United Methodist Women who serve on a newly formed Foster Children Advisory Board so that leftover monies from mission projects, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, can be redirected to help Pawhuska and Osage County children through DHS child welfare programs.”