Christ’s Cupboard benefits from jovial Mac ’n Cheese competition

Christ’s Cupboard benefits from jovial Mac ’n Cheese competition

A friendly competition between two Pawhuska churches netted Christ’s Cupboard just shy of 1,000 boxes of macaroni ‘n cheese and one jar of Parmesan Cheese.

Mother Andrea Jones of St. Thomas Episcopal Church loves a good challenge, particularly when that challenge benefits the Pawhuska community.

In early July, Mother Jones challenged the Rev. Jeff Laughlin of Pawhuska’s First Baptist Church to see which congregation could collect the most macaroni ‘n cheese by the end of the month.

There was one small problem. Laughlin wasn’t aware of the challenge until last Wednesday when the final tallies were taken.

Becky Blackwood, member of St. Thomas, chuckling explained, “I told several members of Rev. Laughlin’s congregation about the challenge. Apparently word did not make it to the top.”

Blackwood also likened this challenge to David and Goliath — with her small congregation representing David.

“We quit counting at 510 boxes,” said Mother Jones.

In spite of relatively short notice, Laughlin announced, “We collected 260 boxes of mac ‘n cheese plus one jar of Parmesan.”

Smiling, Laughlin said, “We demand a rematch.”

Both ministers were in agreement that Christ’s Cupboard Coordinator, the Rev. Ron Eldridge, should have the honor of deciding which month and what staple or staples the next challenge will involve.

Christ’s Cupboard is a charitable project sponsored by the Pawhuska Ministerial Alliance.

Each month a list of needed products is sent to area churches. It’s up to the individual churches to determine what they will collect.

Since December, Christ’s Cupboard has benefited from several challenges involving peanut butter and jelly and flour and sugar. Mother Jones conceded defeat in February when her congregation lost to the Methodists led by Pastor Kathy Morris. In this competition, Christ’s Cupboard acquired 1,282 pounds of sugar and flour.