Osage County 4-Hers enjoy ‘Field Day’ activities

Osage County 4-Hers enjoy ‘Field Day’ activities

Wanting to do something special for Osage County youth, Extension 4-H Educator Jessica Jantzen recently teamed up with Kathryn Chambers and Heather Beavers of Bowring 4-H, Amanda Sellers of Rock 4-H, and Glenda Dick of Blue & Gold 4-H to sponsor Osage County’s first 4-H Field Day.

Designed with lots of fun activities, this was actually an ‘ice-breaker’ before 4-H Camp convenes July 1.

“Many youngsters get nervous because camp,” said Jantzen. “Having a little fun before breaks that anxiety.”

Teen leaders assisting were Kasi Dick of Blue & Gold 4-H, Candace Spears and Jesse Upchurch of Barnsdall, John Paul Donelson and Sadie Hainzinger of Braden, and Harleigh Moore of Woodland. The forty participants ranged in age from 9-17. The four hands-on workshops were designed for educational fun.

Jesse Upchurch, John Paul Donelson and Kathryn Chambers led the “Flubber Making” workshop. Mixing glue and borax created a chemical reaction that resulted in a dough-like substance and exposed the youth to the wonders of science.

Amanda Sellers along with daughter, Audrey, and teen leader Sadie Hainzinger conducted the ‘Butter Making’ experiment which integrated agriculture, nutrition facts and science. Participants put whipping cream in a small jar, added a pinch of salt, and shook the mixture until it formed a thick, butter-like substance. Once completed, they spread their mixture on saltine crackers.

“They all said it tasted so good and felt accomplished that they can make their own butter,” said Jantzen.

The ‘Leather Work’ session was conducted by Glenda and Kasi Dick. Students learned where the leather comes from, how it is a part of agriculture, and how many daily products are derived from Oklahoma’s beef production. After soaking a leather strip in water, they tooled “4-H” in the leather. Their creations will be entered in the fall fair.

The final “Hula Hoop” workshop challenge was conducted by Candace Spears and Harleigh Moore. In revving up their energy, this event emphasized the importance of a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise twice a day.

Activity generates appetites which were quickly abated by freshly baked cookies donated by Pawhuska’s Subway. Final activities included a water balloon toss and 4-leaf clover (4-H logo) scavenger hunt. “This was a fun-filled challenging day for the kids,” said Jantzen. “They created teamwork while discovering value in life skills. In lieu of trophies or prizes, the winners of the water balloon game got to throw a wet balloon on their favorite teen leader.

“The 4-H program in Osage County is growing all the time. I try to keep our kids engaged in positive, leadership activities that teach them to be better-rounded as a person. New members join after hearing of our diverse and fun activities. Children are our future and I want to provide a wholesome exciting learning environment when they are at a 4-H activity.”

Any student between the ages of 9-19 who lives in or attends school in Osage County is eligible for 4-H.

“I don’t want anyone to miss out on participating in events like the 4-H Field Day,” continued Jantzen. “We have an exciting year ahead.”

For more information, contact Jantzen at or 918-287-4170 or email: Jessica.jantzen@Okstate.edu