Students raising funds for ‘Wynona to Washington, DC’ trip

Students raising funds for ‘Wynona to Washington, DC’ trip

It’s been five years since 17 Wynona students toured Washington, D.C. The success of that event has challenged youth from the small rural school to undertake the first of several fundraisers to pay for a new crop of youngsters to visit the nation’s capital.

“Except for their food, we hope to once again raise enough funds so more students will be able to participate in this amazing event,” said organizer Shelly Shulanberger who is a Special Ed teacher for the Wynona Schools.

Wynona Junior High Teacher/Librarian Shelly Ervin is also a co-organizer for this event.

Wynona’s Founder’s Day celebration was a perfect venue for this group to promote their fund-raising efforts with a variety of delectable sweets. Donations may be made to Shelly Shulanberger, P.O. Box 573, Wynona, OK 74084, with “Wynona Trip” in the memo.

For information, call 918-636-0296.