First Baptist Church celebrates 100 years

First Baptist Church celebrates 100 years

First Baptist Church was established one hundred years ago in 1913, but Pastor Travis Finley and members are spearheading what they hope will be a trend in the future.

“Each family member is to represent their ideals in whatever fashion they wish to. Or they may join in with another family if they choose to. We are asking each alumni family to preach, teach, read, sing, play an instrument or whatever you may put together to express your contribution for that Sunday,” says Finley. “We are offering each alumni family one Sunday per month. You may have your time in Sunday school or morning worship or special 3 p.m. service.”

The Gilkey family had their day of participation May 26, 2013. They were the first to participate and reportedly had a great turn out with people coming all over to help in the celebration and service.

If this sounds like a good idea, let the church know what Sunday best fits your schedule. Please reply by telephone or write to the following address: Pastor Travis Finley, 200 Kihekah P.O. Box 508 Pawhuska, OK 74056. Or call 918-287-1709 or 918-267-3658.