Mission provides Bibles to military men, women


During Pawhuska’s Memorial Day service Monday morning, Stephen Payne shared a mission he began in 2005.

Working under the auspices of “Red Boots Military Service Branch Bible Mission,” Payne has given away 600 personalized Holman Bibles to America’s military men, women and veterans. He joins other committed Americans who are striving to provide hope and encouragement during these perilous times.

“I have a mission to give Military Service Branch Bibles to the enlisted men and women and officers of the United States Armed Forces, and veterans, to the best of my ability, for as long as I am able,” said Payne.

He explained Holman Bibles are available for each branch of the military, Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coastguard.

“Each Bible contains special prayers and articles of encouragement, inspiration and wise counsel,” said Payne. “These Bibles also have features unique to the military branches.”

As an example, Payne cited the Soldier’s Bible includes the Army hymn, U.S. Army core values as well as a special Lord’s Prayer for the military wife.

As Payne disbursed Solder’s Bibles to military attendees, he presented a letter entitling the bearer to free imprinting at Ruth’s Christian Bookstore located in Bartlesville’s Washington Park Mall. Payne also stated the Soldier’s Bible could be exchanged for any of the other military branches, provided it was undamaged and in good shape.

For more information, contact Stephen Payne at redboots@sbcglobal.net or call 918-331-7416.