LOCAL FLAVOR: Deviled Eggs from Elizabeth Hembree

Carla Core Brown

While traveling in Spain to visit their daughter, Morgan, the Hembrees acquired a distinct fondness for Tapas! For those unfamiliar with tapas, in Spanish cuisine, they are very much akin to what Americans serve as appetizers or party type snacks.

In 2010, I had the pleasure of partaking of the most delectable party TAPAS, prepared by my “non-cooking friend,” Elizabeth. (I never sell her short, because even Elizabeth can boil an egg!) She served an array of tapas that evening but her deviled eggs were the ABSOLUTE FIRST to go! As a personal endorsement….. I have made her recipe numerous times since attending her delightful gathering and you can count on it; someone is going to ask for the recipe!


8 LARGE eggs (boiled and peeled)

16 green olives stuffed with pimiento (pat DRY with paper towels)

5 Tablespoons Hellmans (DO NOT USE MIRACLE WHIP)

8 Drops of Tabasco and a large pinch of Cayenne pepper

Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix, fill eggs, then lightly dust with paprika. Chill well before serving. Now, how’s THAT for a little LOCAL FLAVOR!