Tre Harper gets his start on the big screen

Robert Smith
Tre Harper, right, is shown here with his father, Theron Harper, left, outside the Constantine Theater in downtown Pawhuska, and in front of the publicity poster for "Rejection 2: Darrin's Revenge," a movie in which Tre Harper, a recent Pawhuska High School graduate, has a supporting role. Robert Smith/Journal-Capital

Tre Harper is a young man looking for opportunities to succeed, and if one of these years he collects an Oscar for excellence in movie acting, folks in Pawhuska will be able to answer the trivia question about how he got his start — in a story about a psychologically disturbed killer named Darrin Evans, who stabbed to death numerous other characters in the flick. But not Tre’s character.

An audience of some 70-plus gathered last Thursday evening in the Constantine Theater in downtown Pawhuska to see a screening of “Rejection 2.” The audience was particularly attentive and appreciative whenever Harper showed up.

“I feel like everyone who is here has a genuine interest in watching a movie, and I get to share that experience with them,” Harper said before the movie started.

He was a multi-sport athlete at Pawhuska High School, participating in track, football and basketball. He was a member of the 2019 PHS boys track team that won a state title. He also has taken part in Constantine Theater stage productions through the years, and he said Thursday that he was grateful to be able to work with more-seasoned actors during the Birmingham, Alabama, filming of “Rejection 2.”

“Overall it was successful,” Harper said after the film screening ended. “Everybody had good things to say.”

Harper had numerous lines in the film and said he anticipates participating in the next part of the story — “Rejection 3.”

His mother, Charity Harper, commented that she knew her son had to be acting because his character, called “Khaleel,” was jealous and impatient and unsupportive toward his girlfriend.

In an interview a couple of weeks before the screening of “Rejection 2” in Pawhuska, Tre Harper said he had been “interested forever” in acting, and that he had the time of his life working on the film in Birmingham.

“Rejection 2” was rated “R” and contains a good bit of violence (Darrin’s knife-wielding rampage), as well as language that some viewers might consider rough.

The film screening was also a reopening event for the Constantine Theater.